Fantasy Cricket

The 2014 season saw the inaugural Fantasy League at Deddington Cricket Club, and due to its popularity will continue!

The fantasy league is a competition that runs throughout the season between all the players in the club. Players earn points for themselves when they play and this goes towards a total and prizes available at the end of the season.

The rules are as follows:

Plays in a game: 5 points

Plays in a win: 3 points

Plays in a draw: 1 points

Batting points:

Every 5 runs: 4 points

50 runs: 10 points

100 runs: 20 points

Each six: 1 point

Bowling points:

Wicket: 6 points

5 wickets: 15 points

Each maiden: 1 point


Catch: 5 points

Catch (wk): 4 points

Run-out: 10 points

Stumping: 8 points


Man of the match – voted for the players after the match for best performance (there are no bonus points for man of the match displays as this means the top of the table is too dominated by man of the match winners, this will help to prevent the man of the season also being fantasy player of the season)

Dunce of the day – voted for the players after match for any heinous act that has happened that day (i.e. does not have to be cricket related) – past awards have been for – having a moustache, rolling up sleeves to turn shirt into a vest on a particularly sunny day, embarrassing misfields, dropped catches, shouting “six or sticks” when walking out to bat and then being bowled, bowling a wide to first slip, having a tantrum when bowling over field settings.

Half points for the game

Jedi moment – voted for the players after the match for a moment of extreme skill e.g. great catch, particularly attractive cover drive, great stop in the field etc.

Bonus 5 points



At the end of the season there several awards

Fantasy player of the season – most points

Man of the season – most man of the match awards

Dunce of the season – most dunce of the day awards

Jedi of the season – most Jedi moments