Choosing to bat first and set a total for the opposing team to chase Gerry and Hugh set about opening proceedings. Gerry cracked on to a half century and would have been a nailed on Man of the atch had it not been for things to come later. Daire’s batting display was one to remember earning himself dick of the day with a first ball duck that left him walking back from the middle looking for the ball somewhere up by his chest. How it hit the stumps we will never know! With some added help along the way from various members of the team we settled nicely around 145-150 runs with several overs remaining. Rammy comments of 160+ is a good score clearly stuck with Ollie Roberts as headed out for the final few overs and set about reaching 160 in the final over alone, smashing a six half way to Hempton, clearly his dad had been giving him coaching tips and rounding it up to a final over of 14 runs! With a nice score set, the bowling began and everyone set about trying to help. Although clearly captain Rammy had begun to get tired of leaving the win in the hands of his team and instead took 6 for 28 runs. Best of all 6 wickets featured Rammy, a cracking delivery and a less favoured member of the opposing team wearing all Kookaburra  and a headband no less, who had merely arrived half way through the batting innings  to ruin the day for Deddington. He was sent packing early doors much to the excitement of Rammy who was happier than Ollie Redford when there’s a sale on at Jacamo! Rammy was aided throughout his 6 wicket haul by a sight which is extremly rare at Deddington Luca Catania playing back to back games! The athletic attributes of Luca left the batsman speechless after a one handed pluck from the ground to his right saw Luca take his first of 3 catches with help from several more catches later on. However the excitement of taking said catches had left Luca looking for more when he hurtled round the wicket to try and steal the last catch from the sure hands of Ollie Redford. With the 2nd team watching, the 1st team produced the goods and are set on making a come back and seeking glory in the games to come!

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