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Researched by Mrs Buffy Heywood, The Manor, Deddington, following an enquiry from Leamington Cricket club about a match between their team and Deddington.

The following are extracts from the diaries of the Rev. William Cotton Risley relating to cricket:-

1837   –   I went to the Castle to look at the Cricket Ground.

25 August,  1840   – A cricket match took place in the Castle today between Deddington & Banbury  – the Banbury people were the winners – by a very considerable number of runs. The two parties dined together at the Kings Arms afterwards.

(Two extracts from North Oxfordshire Monthly Times – 4th September 1849   – (late season) cricket practice in the Park Ground lent by Risley – thus “not quite an extinct sport in Deddington”.)    10th December 1849  –  Cricket match – unseasonally – at Barton between Sandford Park and Deddington   A further match took place a fortnight later in the Park Ground at Deddington.)

15 May, 1851   –   Sent a note to Mr. Sandon about our boys and the Cricket Club – Holford to be a patron, the others subscribers.

5 June, 1851   –   Mr. Landon borrowed the Big Roll for the Cricket Ground.   (From N.O.M.T. – During the first match at the Castle Ground H. Churchill’s side versus Mr. Landon’s, Robert (Risley’s youngest son) played. Scoring 2 and 2.)

16 July, 1851   –   A cricket match between Deddington & Barton took place on the Castle Ground – Deddington was victorious.

12 August, 1857   –   Willy went to play cricket with the school children.   My brother John and I walked up to see the school children practise at cricket, in Hatten’s field.   (Hatten was Landlord of The Kings Arms.)

19 July, 1859   –   The Reading Room had a Tea festival and cricket in our Park this afternoon.

12 August, 1859   –   I called at the Butcher’s – & E. Bennett’s – to ask him to Umpire tomorrow in the Cricket Match with Radley.

20 August, 1860   –   The Dowager LDY Cartwright, & Lady Elizabeth, came on the Cricket Ground this afternoon.

31 August, 1860   –   The Ball lasr night was a great success – 114 persons were present at it.   The Tetsworth Club came to play the return match and were victorious over us.

29 August, 1864   –   Our Annual Cricket Dinner took place on the Castle Ground.

4 September, 1865   –   Our Annual Cricket Dinner took place after croquet and a little cricket – between 30 & 40 persons present.

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