Adam “Saggy” Moody

Big Adam made his debut at Charlbury in June 2014 and made a big impression straight away. How could he not ? Adam is a giant of a man with the feet of a circus clown. He has a personality to match his physical presence. He is loud, lively, happy, relaxed and quick to laugh. He sees fun in everything and anything and has a very sharp wit. Any time spent with Adam is fun time and any game of cricket is better for his presence.

He is a right arm medium pace bowler capable of delivering at a brisk pace but seems to operate best when he is at a reduced pace. When he is coming in off a few steps, he bowls an immaculate length and line and swings the ball away from the bat. Doesn’t take hatfuls of wickets but he makes run scoring difficult – as he says “I apply the pressure, you take the wickets”.  Figures would tend to support him as he rarely goes for more than3 an over in a match.

With the bat he is a man of extremes. He can either block the life out of the ball or beat the life out of it. His preference is for the latter so his innings’ are often short and sweet with at least one powerful hit.

As a footnote, Adam does enjoy his food and his idea of a balanced diet is a kebab in each hand, both laden with all the trimmings and hot chilli sauce.