Under the Gliders

Webby lost the toss and we batted first with a hint of reversing the batting order after the openers Webby and Wayne (the new CBBC pairing) started to set a very respectable opening partnership of 65. Webby went in a way only Webby could with a series break down in the keepers Union. Three more batters helped Wayne to 60 before our innings finished in the ladies hands seeing out the overs for 145. Their ‘star bowler ‘Skippy’ (because of his strange hop in the deliver stride) helped extras be our second highest scorer but Kat came through with 17 and Webby 13.

And so with a strong bowling line up we started to reel them in with an early and excellent gloved ball from Kat to an alert Webby. Their No.3, a Billy Bunter type threw up a couple of half catches before Fleur bowled him around his waist.

However their No.1 cracked a few boundaries early on and although they were only 8 ahead of the rate at drinks they slowly ‘upped their game’ with their No.1 carrying his bat and Their No. 3 showing he could miss the fielders too. Fielding highlights include no bowler getting tonked, some solo sight screen moving (sorry Georgia) and good fielding efforts by a variety of players. However before the 37th over they made our total so we were back in our huddle taking many positives out of a nice afternoon in the sun watching gliders nearly but not quite land in our arena.

Author – Alan Collins

MOTM – Wayne Dibsdall

Jedi – Cat Williams (wicket first ball)

Dunce of the day – David Webb (Match ball, Helmet, strop of the day)


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