The start of a new season

A fresh season had now begun with a sense of optimism in the air, we had all netted well for the past few weeks and were ready for a challenge.

Deddy batted first after losing the toss, it was not ideal as our other opener Rob was on the way from Coventry having been called up at the last minute. This forced everyone to move up a spot in the order for the time being. 

The innings started off with Webby and Derek we lost two early wickets leaving us 9 for 2. Adey and Webby then put on a 58-run partnership playing some elegant shots to steady the ship. It however came to an unfortunate end as Adey was run out from a fantastic throw in the deep from the Charlbury fielder.

Webby made 23 before being caught from a good catch taken at deep mid-off. Richard Holmes put on 6 with a four scoop shot which trickle to the boundary. 

Rob and Mo ran hard with a flurry of quick singles and a couple of powerful boundaries to take the score to 111 of 40 overs for Deddy.

Deddy took to the field with openers with Mo and Rob. Mo was bowling a tight line as always, and Rob was bowling good variable lengths to challenge the batsmen. It ended up working for Rob as the batsmen ended up prodding the ball to Josh at short midwicket and Deddy started to believe that maybe they could do this. It then started to slip away as Charlbury put on a good partnership for the second wicket, with chances for Josh not going to hand, it was Wayne who made the breakthrough for the second wicket with one that kept low and took out the middle stump.

But it proved to be too late and Charlbury knocked off the remaining runs without losing another wicket.

There were plenty of positives to take from the game and we will build on those further.

We also wish Derek well as he had to go off injured early on in Deddy’s bowling inning and we hope he is back out on the pitch soon.

Author- Josh Phillips

MOTM – Adey Bletchly

Jedi moment – Richard Holmes (scoop for 4)

Dunce of the Day – Wayne Dibsdall

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