May 9th – Deddington 1st vs Swinbrook 1st


We welcomed our visitors Swinbrook, for the first home game of the season.


Skipper Rammy won the toss and invited Swinbrook to bat first.


Stuart Leece and Sam Shadbolt opened the bowling and quickly settled into bowling tightly against the two left handed opening bats. Well as they bowled they were unable to make a breakthrough and after 10 overs were replaced by spinner Manny and the purveyor of dibbly dobblers Dave Barnhill. They both made run scoring difficult and Dave managed to winkle out both left handers.  Manny then got one to pop at Tom Julian, batting at number four. He could do more than lob it up toward Gerry Duncan at short mid wicket. He moved forward, took the catch and Tom turned to walk with a duck to his name. Gerry then showed  that the spirit of cricket is alive and well in Deddington. He did not know if he had taken the catch cleanly and quite rightly called the batsman back.  From there on in Mr Julian did not look back. In the last 25 overs, aided by Wilson and Yallop, he set about all of the DCC bowlers. 190 runs were added in this time and he ended up 111 not out. He hit hard, clean and true and deserved the congratulations he recieved as Swinbrook ended their 45 overs on 240 for 5.


After tea DCC set about chasing this tough target. As they did last week Gerry and Manny made sure we got off to a solid start. Sadly they were dismissed in quick sucession and it was left to Russ O’Donnell and Daire Dowling to both cosolidate and move us forward. They did well. Russ was solid and Daire hard hitting. They moved us forward and into a position where we could think about winning. Sadly Russ was out to a good catch and although Daire completed an excellent 50  we collapsed from 106 for 3 to 108 for 8. The reliable Hugh White, aided by Stuart and Dave stood firm and helped us to the relative respectability of 147 all out. This allowed us to earn an additional two bonus points and made us feel a bit better.


Defeat by 93 runs hurt but to be fair we were outplayed. Swinbrook batted, bowled and fielded better than we did.  Tom Julian’s innings was excellent, Parker and Wingfield-Digby’s bowling was tight and in the field they stopped and caught everything. When you have been outplayed you have to accept it and offer the deserved congratulations. When all else is said and done though one moment stood out in the game. Gerry’s honesty and decency mattered more than anything.  Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do. Well done Gerry, your actions will be remembered well after the result of the match is forgotten.

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