DCC II vs Swinbrook II, OCA Div 8N, 13-May-2017

The game started with Ash brilliantly letting Swinbrook Two’s win the toss and putting us in to see Jimmy & Simon make a solid start. Both made good runs before making way for Joe ‘I’ve been coached by Jerry’ Roberts who showed much of the straight driving composure demonstrated in Friday’s impromptu nets. Joe’s easy start was livened up when Kat came to the crease to show composure and class missing from the club of late, plus a hunger for runs that got Joe out of his comfort zone running for quick singles. The more senior of the clubs members felt both sorry for and amused by Joe’s efforts. Kat made a respectable 17(?) before being joined by ‘I want to be a bat rather than a bowler ‘Adam who amongst other exciting strokes hit a six over the longest boundary. At this point Joe remembered his promise to Jerry that all of his runs would be put down to the coach so he surrendered his wicket at 48. This bought Ash to the crease with a mission to continue to drive home the teams growing dominance with the bat which he did with aplomb and surpassed Joe’s score. His innings was only disturbed by seeing Alan coming out at number 11 where Ash showed an inability to count and tried to slog more runs while on 49 leaving Collins the not out bat looking at a total of 183.

Swinbrook started their innings with a fairly rude slog fest irrespective of some tidy and quick bowling by Jimmy and steady stuff from ‘Barney’ but as often happens, this assault cannot be sustained and just like an IPL side, wickets started to tumble. After a couple of quick wickets, then a skyer was heaved up and we all stood in awe as Kat ran and took it without a glimmer of doubt (despite the keeper shouting congratulations before she’d actually taken it…). This was followed by a catch from Simon that preserved his good looks as missing it would have altered that and a text book run out by newbie Richard Holmes calmly fielding and accurately throwing to the non-strikers end where Simon whipped off the bails. This bought the game to 8 down where Swinbrook had a competent youngster and a wise old head trying to hit 7 an over and while this was achieved once or twice a profusion of dot balls from Adam, Simon and latterly Barney and Jimmy coming back saw us home.

Well played Deddington, great team effort…..


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