George “Wonder Boy” Welch

How do you describe George? Young? Diminutive? Bespectacled? Quiet?  Well you could, but these are not the right adjectives to use. More correct ones are talented, gifted, accomplished and brilliant.

In August 2014 he made his debut for DCC, at home to Kilkenny II. From the very first ball he faced, it was clear to all that he was a talented player with a great technique and a temperament to match. Batting at No. 6 he made a composed 23*, which was a sign of things to follow. As at the end of 2015 season he has continued to bat in the middle order, although more often at 4 rather than 6, and he has continued to make a number of composed 20+ not outs along the way. He has now played nearly 20 matches and has a batting average in excess of 30. Clearly he can bat but that is not the end of his skills on the pitch. Throw a few wickets into the equation, along with being a good fielder who has taken some sharp catches and effected a couple of good run outs and you will understand what I mean. All of this and he isn’t even old enough to even think about leaving school – pretty annoying isn’t it ?!?!

Off the field he is quiet, respectful and a pleasure to be around. He smiles easily and has a grin that is cheekier than a cheeky thing on holiday in Cheekyland. I have no doubt that grin will get in places in life.

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