Hailing wickets at Hailey

Deddington Is vs Hailey Is 18/06/16

We arrived at Hailey to a cloudy day and slightly moist wicket but considering the previous 5 days weather, anything playable was good enough for us. Rammy got stuck in a traffic jam and was late so temporarily handed the captaincy to Gerry who called heads at the toss (what a great tosser he is), won and elected to bowl. In an attempt to get a bowl Gerry announced he would in fact be opening the bowling as he is always good for 12, soon after Rammy arrived and any chance of Gerry bowling vanished into thin air like Daire leaving the venue before the end of the game!

The bowlers all bowled extremely well in dismissing Hailey for what seemed a poultry 129 but as it turned out, on this wet wicket, it was a competitive total. Dave “Bet” Victor continues to show what bowling a good fullish length can do with figures of 3-33, Manny his ever miserly self produced figures of 3-21, Rammy 3-28 and particularly stingey was Jimmy with 1-26 off 12 overs. It was very much job well done by the bowlers who had given the batsmen very little to chase, surely victory was a formality.

Well it wasn’t! We cocked it right up! With 8 men being dismissed for single figures. Rammy (31) and Rob How (28) stood alone in showing any sort of resistance and gave us a good chance of winning, but when Rammy was the last man dismissed with Deddy 25 runs short our fiasco of a batting performance was complete. Hailey as ever were very hospitable hosts and the main contributor to their victory was on the main good tight bowling from D King, Green and Wood additionally complimented with a couple of good knocks with the bat from Paintin (26) and Fullerton (26).

Thanks to Harry for scoring again and not laughing too loudly at our abomination of a batting performance, the umpires and Hailey for hosting us, they’ll be wishing they play us every week if we continue to bat like we did. Anyway tomorrows another day and Deddington will no doubt put this game firmly in a box and explode it with 2 tons of TNT explosives as we take on Sunningwell next week.

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