DCC II vs Westcott, 25th July 2015

Deddington Cricket Club, of the windmill centre, Deddington, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.

Saturday the 25th of July 2015 and Westcott arrived at the Windmill centre ready and raring to go. The game was high in spirit as Westcott chose to bat and Deddington headed out onto the field. With much joking and fun being had by the fielding side it didn’t take long before a chance was missed as a stumping was fumbled by both the fielder and wicket keeper alike. However the very kind Westcott side gifted Deddington an identical chance just moments later and the first wicket was taken. The young Ollie “Colin” Roberts snapping it up behind the stumps being cheered on by the veteran keeper in the field. Who it was safe to say was missing his pads and gloves when fielding the ball! The other opener was soon sent walking back with a catch from the fielding side. Potter had his team to thank for all 4 of his wickets in what some would say “bad bowling” but in a post-match interview he was quoted saying he was just playing to his well-placed field. Severus Oldfield was to thank for some of his usual dark arts magic and took his share of the wickets featuring the only bowled wicket of the day and two catches. The catalyst of the Harry Potter themed names Adam “Madeye” Moody changed his mentality from pressure builder to wicket taker. James Long bottom stood up to his bowling Demontors and found his wicket taking stride again. The Jedi (Don’t worry we won’t start with another mega series next week)moment this week was that of Niall “Ron” Murphy who had been slightly criticised by bowlers after previous fielding antics, found his form again with a lovely fading catch. He showed the captain and dunce of the day Ash “Viktor” Clark who’s usually so good with his hands when playing for Bulgaria in the Quidditch World Cup how to do it after he found himself doing a favourite a Deddington what’s now known as a Webby special not the fact that he dropped a catch but the fact and injury occurred soon after. This must be a thing for captains of the second team; maybe it’s the weight of team on their backs?

With a steady 88 all out Deddington enjoyed tea and got ready to chase down what everyone would hope to be a reachable target. The usual partnership of Joe “Gilderoy” Roberts and Niall murphy was put aside for the return of David “Dumbledore” Webb. Joe went off to sign some books whilst the others watched a somewhat slow start to the game. It wasn’t until a little bit into the game that Steve “Loopin” Welch was seen maintaining complete eye contact with Webby. Some say it was jinxing others say it was his bad groin but after a mere 14 Dave retired hurt. Niall added a splash of 9 before his stumps gave up on him. Steve did his usual however and showed young son George “I don’t want to be Dobby” Welch that he’s the reason why he has such a natural talent for the game. The young Roberts came out with bat in hand ready to do some mischief but returned after a small total of 5 was achieved. The captain put on his pads and added 8 before the real excitement began. Joe who’s known for acting like the Whomping Willow and swinging his bat at everything found some form which was cheered on by the fans. Steve finished on 17 and Joe on 28. They left the field with points in the bag and Joe the man of the match in high spirits. Then the team headed for a few butter beers in Deddington’s own Leaky Cauldron and a chat to the first team, about how the fumes from two rather shady looking gentleman’s “cigarettes” were probably to blame for the childish nature of the game. But in the end.

All was well.


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