Not much to report this week apart from the unseasonal rain and wind that put paid to both our games at the weekend and the majority of games in the League for the third week running.  The women didn’t have a fixture last Sunday either. Hopefully we will get enough sunshine and dry weather in the next few days to let the pitches dry out for this coming weekend, when the forecast is for better conditions.

The recent weather has put into focus the benefits of mobile covers.  While the sheets we have do a job, they cause run-off to sit just off the prepared pitch (and sometimes allow water to get under the covers and onto it). They also make the pitch ‘sweat’ when covered, while mobile ones allow air to circulate, even in wet conditions. The committee have tried to get an ECB grant to help with the purchase of mobile covers over a number of years, but have not been successful and with central funds depleted, we should look to our own resources to get some.  We are in conversation with some local businesses and housing developers regarding sponsorship and Rob Preston has started a crowd-funding site.  The committee are discussing our options and if anyone has other ideas, we would love to hear them.  More on this soon.  Mobile covers won’t stop all matches being cancelled, but they would help a lot.

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