II’s vs. Stonesfield away, 4-5-19

Well it all started well as Deddington lost the toss and fielded first. Watty from the Hempton end and Biswajit, our Deddington resident newbie both with medium swingers. The batsmen obviously had plans because they set off at quite a rate. After 8 overs Captn Simon rang the changes and with 60 odd on the board, Cat and Joe were on with a long spell of spinning. Joe threw one up onto the stiff breeze that moved it a foot in the air and after pitching full of a length took the middle stump. Here we go some of us thought,, but no. Their No1 and 3 set about the bowling giving only 3 200mph chances to the two bowlers and one to a player who will remain nameless. One thick edge took another past Crock Collins behind the stumps who at his age, if he got all the way down was never going to get back up. So after 40 overs seeing bat #3 get 71 and bat#1 carry his bat for 147. All of Deddington stuck to their jobs valiantly and Cat came out top of the new no ball dot ball on the free hit table with three dot balls, one spreading the stumps. So after a pleasant tea cheering when Notts County took a lead Simon and Webby took to the crease. The second boundary coming up after 8 overs. Gearing Simon was hogging the strike and the spectators were amused to see Webby sprint a quick single while Simon watched his open face glance sprint to the rope on a very quick out field, Webby having to trudge back solemnly. Then suddenly as the news came though that Notts County had gone, the rain came down when Deddington had chased down half the runs (that they had scored after 12 overs). This being Stoneyford the covers were wheeled over in a jiffy but, Simon and Webby’s hearts sank as the out field just got 50 runs slower. A chance to see MK Don’s promoted arrived before the game resumed with Simon crashing drives and cuts to the boundary. He then sent an upish drive into the covers where a great piece of fielding drew cheers from the home team so intense Derek started a manful walk to the centre only interrupted by the realisation that no one was out. The 50 came up with 4 byes from a Malingeresque delivery but bats were still being carried into the 20th over. The 60 came up with a remarkable six from Webby, the first of the match. Buoyed by this success Webby holed out for 34 to deep mid off and Derek finally got his chance for a golden caught behind. So Joe came to the fore to successfully defeat a hatrick ball by leaving it down the off side. After 25 overs Deddington got their first free hit. Joe then made it back to the hutch bringing Gary to the fray and the 70 up off 27 overs giving a thrilling 200 run chase off 10 prospect. Simon was dropped on 26 as Garry drove into the now snail paced out field for a useful 2. Simon was bowled 2 shy of a batting point for 30. An interlude brought Bis for a debut innings as Gary left after a useful 4. Now a smart close catch bought Cat to the party. A streaky cover drive boundry by Crock Collins bought up the ton and a second batting point before Kat was done in the 37th over. All done for 103, and the dubious record of three golden ducks for messers, Boughton, Holmes and Watts. Alas a single bowling and 2 batting points on the board means our season is up and running with a successful opening partnership and great team work on show.

Quack, quack, quack…
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