With spirits high, the prospect of recording our first victory of the season, the sun shining, a great wicket and the ground looking like a picture postcard, Daire in the shed eating his usual pre match chinese meal, Stu looking like Elton John with his new shades and an injection of youth into the team in the shape of Ollie, Niall and Matt surely the planets were in alignment today for Deddington’s first victory of the season. Gerry who was stand in skipper for the day strode out to the wicket and even won the toss, elected to bat but couldn’t quite understand why the opposition skipper was in hysterics on explaining to him that the sole reason for this decision was so that we could have some of the chaps who were not batting prepare match teas, which would not be possible if we were in the field first up.

Well to put a long story short (not that our innings was a long one) we were skittled for 30 runs, yes that’s right the whole team out for 30 runs. Deddington batsmen were coming and going from the crease as Blacky likes to describe “like London buses”. Between the mad scrambling of batsmen putting on pads and coming and going, Gerry stressing out about match teas and ordering everyone around like an overtired platoon leader, guys crying into their hands at yet another duck waddling back to the pavilion, the general consensus was that the only thing in alignment today was the steady line of Deddington batsmen walking to and from the wicket!

Stanton Harcourts opening bowlers swung the ball cleverly and bowled well and apart from a few lusty blows from Daire and Niall. We didn’t provide any resistance to the oppositions skill and were left wondering if we had all been part of some kind of collective nightmare as we trudged onto the field to bowl knowing the result was a formality. With a series of mighty wallops from the Stanton Harcourt opening batsmen we trudged back off the field (25 minutes later) with the game done and dusted not long after 3:00pm! It is worth noting that the Stanton Harcourt chaps were respectfully sympathetic, as we could only apologise to them, for such a non event in terms of a game.  Today Stanton Harcourt  were by far the better team and a genuinely nice bunch of guys who play the game in a way which befits the spirit of cricket, so for that our thanks goes to them and we look forward to playing them in the league in two weeks time!

The upshot to this is we are out of the cup and have endured our 5th successive defeat. While things aren’t going our way at present, having yet to win a game this season, spirits are high, we are all seeing the lighter side to current proceedings and there is in fact a strong core of players who are riding out the proverbial storm and determined to turn the 1st team fortunes around! Many thanks to our loyal and long suffering scorer Harry who continues to do a fine job, James Ransom for preparing a beautiful wicket and  picture perfect ground and also to the guys who normally play in the 2nds (Ollie, Matt, Dave V and Nial M) who played for the  ” down but definitely not out” 1st team. Chin up guys, there are still 14 league games to go!



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