17-6-18: Osberton Radiators Cup Stonesfield (Div 7) Vs Deddington (Div 8 North)

On day described by the ‘Current Bun’ 30 years ago as ‘Phew, what a scorcher’ won again Ash won the toss and consigned the hosts to 45 overs in the field with the Rev Doctor opening with Niall.

Niall made a positive start crossing the rope twice but was undone by a top edge having been tucked a bit. The Reverend Doctor, after 25 overs of selective batting and 28 runs went to a loft to long off.

George came in at three and played a shot seen more at Erin Hills as he chipped the ball at short mid-wicket for an impressive 33. Joe came in to steady the ship, however went after three overs for a daffy. Ash started with a magnificent four plus has learnt to hit off spin off the battery and thus deceive the field before being done by a good’n, disturbing the timbers for a hurry up 15. Moody decided to promote himself up the order while the skippers back was turned, while Simon showed him the way. Adam, looking like Gulliver at the crease, was looking like getting in trim for his upcoming nuptials by running a variety of quick runs (including a three!) some even off his own batting. Simon batting fluidly as ever made a requisitely quick 23. Mike took the crease after a quick chat with the incumbent cuckoo who stroked his first boundary with a drive.

Mike was bowled for 3 as was Stu without unduly bothering the scorers before Cripple Collins limped out, nicked a single and didn’t flinch as Adam drove a ball an inch from his head scoring 28. At the change of ends Collins tried to put him back on strike with a cheeky single that his crocked knee said no to half way down and he was run out by a smart direct hit. Thus 160 was set.

So discovering we had 66% of the clubs wicket keeping resource Hugh acceded to Alan’s request to take the gloves to avoid an embarrassing conversation with his specialist this week.

So with the front line attack in action they were soon two down for 21. Then Stu joined the growing list of crocks and was replaced in the lineup by Simon. The Home side clearly had tickets for a London gig because they seemed in an awful rush, and they just wilted in the face of some high class fielding and great catches, Niall took a beaut over his shoulder, and a couple of direct hits kept them further on their toes. Simon got a batsman throwing his Gunn and More across the square, after being done by a ball he thought was ‘too slow’ as the crippling pressure by the visitors took its toll. However the visitors were running out of bowler options so up steps Ash ‘I’m not really a bowler’ Clark, with his magical slow arm delivery and took four more wickets, one a technically brilliant caught behind with Hugh stood up.

With the game won by fifty runs, Adam drove up a sloggy bowler and left a true fielding all-rounder, as did Ash, but everyone went home a semifinalist….. One of the truly great Deddington performances.

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