Having spent years enjoying the company of Deddington CC players, on and off the pitch, Dave decided the best thing to do was join the club and spend more time with them. So he did and he made his debut in May 2013. There was a lot of excitement over this and expectations were high – after all he had taken a lot of Deddy wickets over the years and even hit some winning runs on one occasion.  This signing was seen as the piece that may complete the puzzle for DCC. How was he going to perform? It didn’t start too well . His first game was abandoned about 60% of the way, through but not before he had managed to take his first DCC wicket courtesy of a slow, wide long hop being hit to point.  His second game ended in heavy defeat, not that he saw the end of the match as he was in hospital having broken a finger in three places – mind you if he had held the catch he wouldn’t have hurt himself .  This led to five weeks out and all at DCC were wondering if all the hype and excitement were worthwhile. He was, when all had been said and done, no spring chicken any longer and his best days were probably behind him. Yeah he had taken a load of wickets over the years but was “he all that?” Doubts were even cast over whether he would ever don a Deddy shirt again. Well he has (and cap and sleeveless pullover) and as at May 2015 he is still an active member of the first team, sending down his own brand of gentle medium paced dibbly dobs, batting at 11 and aiming big hits at anything he can reach.

His two seasons to date have seen him attend at least a dozen net sessions, which shows his true love and affection for the club. He has played 22 matches, taken nearly 40 wickets and scored over 50 runs. He has even managed to skipper the team on 6 occasions, with a 50% win ratio.

When asked why he joined the club, he churns out some load of twaddle about wanting to play cricket with decent people who play the game in the right spirit. The truth is that having spent 2 games a season taking the mickey out of Daire, he wanted more opportunity to partake of this truly entertaining pass time.

HIGHLIGHTS OF DCC CAREER TO DATE – the win at Swinbrook in 2014. Seeing Hugh hit 4 consecutive balls for 4. Being given the honour of leading DCC on the pitch. Not having to bowl to Rammy – ever again !!

ANY DISAPPOINMENTS IN YOUR TIME AT DCC – not having taken the pitch with the gentleman that is James Ransom.

Did you know: Dave won the prestigious title of BBC Masterchef in 2005, his winning menu inspired by the many teas he enjoyed during a Saturday Afternoon’s cricket in North Oxfordshire.  John Torode described his triangle cut cheese and onion sandwiches made with Utterley Butterley as “simply sensational”, whilst Gregg Wallace was so impressed with his scones, topped with squirty cream and Bon Maman Strawberry Jam (55% Fruit) that the two of them formed a strong friendship which survives to this day, thanks mainly to their shared love of sticky confectionary, John Player Specials and Blue Nun.