Dave “no wickets” Webb

Dave is listed as player number one is DCC’s OCA history.

He played in the first game back in 1991, picked up an injury to the middle toe of his left foot and has carried an injury, niggle, bruise, break, strain  or annoying tweak ever since.  Despite baffling medical science time after time and often being stricken with injuries that would leave most of us immobile, he has defied the odds on many occasions and donned his whites for the greater good of the club. This means Dave has now clocked up over 270 DCC appearances – making him top of that particular list. He also tops the list for catches (160+) and stumpings (45+) and is the club’s fourth highest aggregate run scorer with over 2800 to date. Surprisingly he has never taken a wicket, in fact he has only ever bowled one spell, 2-0-10-0. As no one can ever remember him turning his arm over, including at nets, there is a widely held belief that Harry “The Scorer” Romain has made a mistake with this fact.

Over the years Dave has been an integral and important part of the club, forming part of that unseen backbone that keeps all clubs afloat. Full of hard work doing jobs that need to be done but no one wants to do, just about sums Dave up. Among other things he was treasurer for years and although he has stepped down from this role, he is still the man who finds out about player availability every week, misses matches to umpire on the club’s behalf and coaches the clubs lady members. A certain quote about giving him a broom and he will sweep up at the same time, springs to mind (no answers on a post card please!).

At the time of writing Dave is still an active playing member looking to add to all his figures. Like and admired by all, a game is always a more enjoyable experience when he is playing, but please never ask him that question…… “Hi Webby how you feeling?”…. you will regret it.

Most likely to be heard saying “ouch, that hurts”

Least likely to be heard saying “me I am as fit as fiddle with no injuries”

Did you know: Another DCC member in the Guiness book of records, Webby has now broken more bones than Evel Kneivel during the course of his DCC career. In honour of that fact the club presented him with a 1200cc Kawasaki Ninja, a white jumpsuit and cape, and now Webby can regularly be seen hurtling around the Cotswolds at breakneck speed leaping over double decker buses!