After prolonged contract negotiations Gerry signed on the dotted line for D.C.C in 2011. After watching Radley warm up in the field (in his first game) he was heard asking James Ransom (capt. at the time) when Deddy were to start their warm up, James reached into his pocket grasped his lighter, lit a cigarette and blew smoke into Gerry’s face and said, “warm enough for you newby!” and walked away, from that moment on Gerry fell into the Deddington line. Known for his 2 run a ball run rate and 6 hitting (stop laughing), Gerry, formerly an underwear model, had a short spell as captain in 2013 (4 games) before an outrageous mutiny from the 1st team members saw him relieved of his duties (the suggestion of half a lap of the field run warm up before each game apparently too much for the pot bellied members to “stomach”, so he had to go).

Widely recognised as the clubs most handsome man Gerry opens the batting and turns it square when asked to bowl (which isn’t very often, even though he got 2 wickets against Fringford 5 years ago). Admired by all for his dress sense and repartee, Gerry likes to field in slips and makes a good point that even though he has never actually effected a dismissal in slips he keeps whom ever is wicket keeping, on their toes, by constantly talking to them (normally about himself) in between balls.

Highlights include, a couple of tons, running Daire out (he ran himself out) and winning a dance off at Moo Moos nightclub in Banbury at a club night out. Lowlights are running Steve Welch out and seeing him hurl his bat at Great Horwood’s club house calling Gerry some not very nice names, the whole captaincy fiasco thing where like K.P he was unceremoniously sacked!
Did you know:  Gerry comes from the land of the Hobbit, and at 4″7′ was the perfect pick to play the role of Bilbo’s cousin, Bummo Pubebeard in the 2010 film The Hobbit.  Rumour has it that whilst on set with Elf Princess played by Cate Blanchet, a keen cricketer herself, she was so impressed with his technique she now has a life-size cut out of Gerry playing a textbook forward defensive in her Hollywood Boudoir!