Oliver “ Chewbacca” Redford

As a skinny and quiet 13 year old, Ollie joined DCC in 2010 offering solid medium pace and tail end batting for the 2nd eleven.  Now 6 years on Ollie who is a 1st team regular is somewhat quicker in his bowling pace, is now featuring more as an opening batsmen, definitely is not quiet anymore (the phrase verbal diarrhoea springs to mind) and has bulked up somewhat.  Ollie can best be remembered for, 2 years ago, running out Charlbury’s number eleven batsman with a direct hit from the boundary to win the game when they only required 7 runs to win, all at the club know about this as Ollie manages to drop it into nearly every conversation he has with anyone who will listen. This glorious moment was marked by Ollie removing his shirt and swinging it around his head like a  cowboys lasso exposing his torso to all in sundry, pictures of this occasion were then sent to the Guinness book of records and as a consequence Ollie was awarded the record of “the most hairy teenager on earth”  (hence the nickname).

As one of the younger members of the 1st team Ollie is a real Deddington Cricket Club product and encapsulates all that is good about D.C.C with prolific availability, a real love for the game and a good mate to all members.  This season Ollie has been bestowed the responsibility of president of the social committee and has started his reign with a club night out at Moo Moos nightclub in Banbury, with news of this, club members are putting together a hurried campaign to remove him from his post!  A self-proclaimed ladies man, Ollie likes to woo girls with his social niceties and charm such as shouting his most recent lady friend to a mocha and muffin at Costa coffee in the retail park, Banbury, yes he is a real Lothario!

All of this aside Ollie has remained a loyal club member and is blossoming into a fine cricketer.