Tall and slightly built with facial hair and slightly unkempt collar length hair. No it isn’t Shaggy from Scooby Doo but Deddington’s premier opening bowler…..  Stuart Leece.

With his smooth easy approach and nice high action Stuart is a dangerous and well respected bowler. Capable of bowling at a brisk pace, when the mood takes him and his hangover isn’t too savage, he bowls with accuracy and control. Makes run scoring a problem as he hits just back of a length on or around off stump ball after ball. You can count on him to bowl his 12 overs for around 30. Maybe he should take more wickets than he does but to be fair, batsmen are often not good enough to get a touch on his best deliveries.

In the field he has a unique under arm throwing style, which you won’t find in any textbook, but he is still able to return the ball from the fence with ease.

With his long levers Stuart can hit a ball hard and long. If he concentrated on it he could make a lot of runs – he is definitely a lot better than he gives himself credit for.

An undemonstrative man of few words. In fact so few, some of us wouldn’t recognise his voice. He laughs and smiles easily, although he has plenty to laugh and smile at when you consider some of the characters he has to play cricket with.

Without a doubt DCC are a stronger team when he is on the pitch and the dressing room is always a little bit calmer when he is around

Did you know:  Stu recently offered to donate his body to animal research. Many we’re not surprised at this seemingly selfless act and thought it typical of the man, however Stu’s real motive was that he’d heard you get as much free shampoo as you can squirt in your eyes and 200 Marlboro Lights a week.