Rich has been at the club since 2007 and is one of the more colourful characters within the first team. Famously known for his aggressive batting style and one of the few players in the club who actually knows it is the hands that are used for fielding the ball not the feet. Rich isn’t getting any younger but isn’t averse to putting his body on the line especially if it is pushing in front of the opposition players to get to match teas. When it comes to one liners, covert sledging (his own team mates), and dry wit there is no better exponent, many have taken Rich on in this department but none have come out with their credibility and dignity intact.

One of Rich’s more peculiar moments at the club occurred at Swinbrook in 2013 when batting with his skipper at the time (who was unceremoniously axed 3 games later, after a player mutiny, due to too many fatties not wanting to warm up properly!), having just been dropped at mid on, the between over chat was the skipper suggesting to Rich that it might be in his best interests that he refrain from trying to hit every ball into next week, Rich’s reply was “O.K, when the bowler lets go of the ball you tell me what shot to play!” with that both batsmen walked back to their respective creases, next ball Rich was caught, trying to hit the ball into next week.

Rich is one knock away from a “daddy ton” but succeed or fail the man always gets us giggling especially when we lose, which is lucky because we have had our fair share of losses over the years!