Simon the Spin Wizard strikes again!

DCC II vs. Charlbury III, Windmill, Sat 11th July

The 11th of July was one of sunshine and enjoyable cricket. Charlbury 3rds headed to the home of cricket in many people’s eyes the windmill centre in Deddington. The Dunce of the day had been decided before the game by the notorious cutter Joe Roberts that Charlbury were very happy to see out of the side for turning up in shorts and flip-flops to do the umpiring . Many of the Deddington fan base upset by a decision that could have perhaps changed the game given Joe’s recent coaching from up and coming son Ollie.  With no real need to do a toss after the Deddington captain shared his intentions with the opposing captain beforehand in full ear shot of all players. Charlbury chose to bat and Ash was delighted, much to everyone’s amazement!

It took a long time before ash could show everyone why he wanted to field first as the opening pair put on a total close to 100. It also cost Deddington the friendly figure behind the stumps of Alan “The Cat” Collins, who took himself off to the Horton to seek medical advice. However little did Charlbury know that England’s own Alastair Cook had been giving Ash some much needed catching practise as he hurtled round the pitch to take pluck the bullet that had flew off the batsman’s middle with a mere one hand. However the game was not going to be settled by this Jedi moment and quite frankly outrageous piece of fielding as the batting continued at a high standard for quite some time. This however was to be stopped by the man, the myth, the legend at Deddington, the one who is feared around the leagues for his natural cricketing prowess and elegance… Simon the Spin Wizard. It took Simon only 6 overs at a cost of 46  runs to rip apart Charlbury’s batting line up. 5 wickets lighter Charlbury thought the storm had passed, little did they know there was a second Oldfield waiting in the wings to come on and take a further 2 wickets with the help of the youngest Bletchly at the club who took another. After 45 overs and some rather shady moments Charlbury had posted 218 for 8 wickets and a Tea of an even higher standard than there bowling was produced by the Oldfield’s to the excitement of both teams. Over tea the thoughts turned to the Ashes and the failure of a comeback from the Aussies. With thoughts returning to the matter in hand could Deddington produce what the boys from down under couldn’t?

The usual policy at Deddington is you bat or you bowl. So you can understand the comments of the tail end batsmen when the Spin Wizard padded up to open. Several balls later with the other opener Murphy back in the changing rooms the comments were a distant memory as the class and execution of his bowling were matched by his batting. Being dismissed at a respectful 19 the MVP of the game took to the changing rooms, I believe to take a call from the England skipper in relation to the next test. We will have to see where the Spin Wizard’s future lies. Ollie Roberts was padded up and ready to go and added another 10 to the total. He was aided afterwards by Matthew Oldfield and the skipper who had shown his worth in the field, who both missed out on their names in the paper by fine margins. Georgia the trend setter with her extremely fashionable headband strolled out to the field unfortunately finding herself back at the pavilion soon after. With the elder Bletchly out in the middle a small flurry of runs was to be added as the younger and more aggressive Bletchly headed out. Sweeping up the balls that weren’t destined for the stumps and aided by his father the Bletchly’s put on 30 odd runs before the young and some would say “rash” Bletchly found himself gifting a ball to the fielder at mid-on and returning with his own headband in hand.. With his finger strapped up Alan returned with bat in hand to take to the wicket and remained Not Out at the end. Although almost 100 runs short a great game of cricket played by both teams. Bring on the next match!


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