Steve “Dad of George” Welch

Initially you would be forgiven for thinking that Steve was the grumpy and grizzled veteran of the club….. but you would be wrong. He is a veteran and a bit grizzled but he’s not grumpy.

Steve made his DCC debut in 2004 and has been a vital cog in the machine ever since. A calm, elegant player who is most comfortable on the front foot he always looks a class act. Over 120 appearances, more than 2000 runs at an average of just about 20, over 40 catches, stand in captain and even a couple of stumpings to his credit. No wickets you notice…… although he does hold a DCC bowling record…… of all those who have bowled but never taken wicket no one has conceded more runs than Steve.

If you are one of crickets “walk round the boundary when your side is batting” types, then you would find Steve to be perfect company. He knows and understands the game very well and also has a wealth of stories and anecdotes about days gone by. He is great company and you will always end the walk having learned something about the game.

With his knowledge and thoughts on the game, he is an ideal man for any captain to have around. If you ask him for his thoughts or advice you can be sure it will be worth listening to and almost certainly worth acting upon.

If you were to ask the members of DCC what is Steve’s greatest contribution to winning matches and the club in general the answer would be unanimous….. getting his son George to play!