Deddington, still searching for their first win of the season, turned up to the windmill on a hot sunny day to take on Marcham. Captain Ramesh won the toss and elected to bat on what looked a good surface.

“Gerry Can” Duncan and Ollie Redford opened the batting looking to bat long and make Marcham sweat in the field. Gerry achieved this latching onto anything short and scoring plenty of runs on the leg side, and combining it with resolute defence. However he was kept company by David Webb after found himself out lbw early on. David Webb played solidly with Gerry waiting until the 20th over to hit his first boundary. The two set Deddington up well on 70 odd for 2 with another 20 overs remaining. The aim now was to push on and get towards 200 runs. However Marcham had other ideas and a combination of tight bowling and rash shots meant Deddington stuttered. Niall Bletchley contributed 4, Chris Blackburn managed to become the all-time leading run scorer for Deddington in his six. Chris had been stuck needing one run for three innings and it had clearly been playing on his mind as when he hit the four that got him over the line he was actually seen running to make sure he at least got one. This from the man who once said “When it comes off the bat I know if it’s going to boundary or over”. Sam Shadbolt, sent in to combat some left hand spin forgot his mission and was rashly caught for one. Once again it looked like captain Rammy was going to have to carry the team to a good total, the team leaving him in a similar position to the previous weeks game against Britwell. However Marcham kept taking wickets, or at least in Dave Victor’s case he gave them his wicket in a incident that would be worthy of youtube compilation titled “top 10 worst run-outs”, and Deddington were restricted to 143. The total looked below par on a good batting track.

When Marcham came out to bat Stu Leece welcomed them two wickets in his first over and suddenly the game looked on, Deddington knowing the wickets would be vital defending the score they had. The Marcham batsmen played aggressively, scoring well and it was clear Deddington would need to bowl them out. Wickets continued to fall Stu ending up with five and Rammy taking one to leave March six down with another sixty runs to get. Marcham chose this point to dig in and reach the total a bit slower. Ollie Redford and Dave Victor took the ball, with Dave bowling his trademark banana-balls, however Deddington were unable to make the breakthrough and Marcham edged their way towards the total. Ollie Redford attempted to channel Dennis Lille with some adjustments to his facial hair courtesy of his elder brother but it didn’t quite work. The facial hair also prompted many crys of “Dirk Diggler” from Bradley Redford in The Unicorn beer garden. With a last throw of the dice Lewis Blethcley was brought on and took two key wickets to leave Marcham 8 down with 10 runs required and a handful of overs left. The tension built with men around the bat but Marcham managed to reach the total with an over or two to spare, leaving Deddington still without a win but at least building some momentum and finding some form.

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