The 1sts took the long journey to Uffington on a scorcher of a day with the Mercury rising to well above 25 degrees. Deddington then squashed into the Uffington change rooms like a troupe of clowns into a mini and marvelled at Welch, father and son, as they took up half of the seating with their cricket bags while the poor openers were left to pad up atop of Ollies hairy torso (consequently both are currently receiving counciling) .

Rammy lost the toss and Deddington were asked to bat on a grassy but dry wicket, did Uffington know something we didn’t? Well they definitely knew the L.B.W law and so did the umpire as Gerry was sent packing  for only 6. Russ learnt the hard way that you should always tuck your pad straps in as he was soon after given out caught behind when all were fooled in thinking the ball glancing his protruding strap was a nick off his bat, Russ was found 30 minutes later curled up in the fetal position inside his cricket bag knawing on aforementioned pad strap whilst singing happy birthday to himself. Matty T showed aggressive intent but was bowled after smashing a couple of “frozen ropers”. This brought Rammy to the crease with the ever reliable Hugh who together turned the game by producing a fantastic not to mention club record 5th  wicket partnership of 130 odd. Rammy tore the bowling attack apart with an array of ferocious drives and hooks complimented with some exquisite late cuts on his way to 92. Expertly partnered by Hugh who provided the perfect foil with his solid defence and beautiful stroke play scored 35 the two of them turned the innings from the brink of collapse to a position of strength.

Young George Welch’s 21 runs ensured the Uffingtonians misery in the field was complete by doing his best impersonation of Ian Bell in propelling Deddingtons score to 224 at the end of the 45 overs. Key bowled superbly for Uffington in picking up 6 wickets and kept Deddington from posting a whooper of a score.

With an imposing total to chase down Uffington got off to a conservative start bringing up 50 runs in the 17th over largely due to Stuy’s water tight line and length. With Stuy picking up a wicket and Ollie soon after, Uffington got to work and picked up the pace with Painter batting like a man processed smashing the ball to all parts with a sweet selection of lofted drives and pulls many of which clearing the boundary. Supported well by Key, Painter had elevated Uffington into a position of needing just under 8 an over to only 4 an over for the last dozen or so overs.  Ben Lewis made the vital break through in dismissing the solid Key and a series of unbelievable catchs and drops left the game in the balance.

With Painter being run out for 90 after a domineering innings Deddington were back in the game. Dan Rawlings, Ben, Rammy and Ollie kept  Deddington in the game with some fine bowling and the upshot was with 4 balls remaining Uffington needed 4 to win. With tensions running high and Jill and Derek on the boundary with their fingers and toes crossed Ben bowled the last man and the game was won. Wild celebrations followed with an 11 man gyrating mass of Deddington bodies writhing around the middle of Uffington park with dog walkers and joggers wondering what this might be? It was the fact that Deddington had won a nail biter, Rammy had secured his 300th wicket for the club, Stu had bowled with distinction, Ollie had snaffled 3 wickets, Welch junior had batted like his father (20 years ago), Russ had turned 42 and learnt a valuable lesson, Hugh had batted us to a position of strength, Harry kept score with computer like precision while fielding a million questions about team and individual stats from annoying dismissed Deddy batsmen, Matty had taken a fabulous catch and saved a bag of runs in the field, Steve still had his bag on the changing room bench even after being politely asked to take it off, Dan had held his nerve at the end and bowled 2 tight overs and took a steepler, Ben took the glory at the end and Gerry did bugger all!

With the glory of victory and the adrenaline pumping it is worth noting that Uffington played a fantastic game and were gracious in defeat and we wish them well for the rest of the season . Thank you to Uffington for 1/ their opener walking when given not out 2/ showing genuine concern for George when he was struck in the ribs 3/ their good natured repartee, whilst batting, bowling, tea and before/after match 4/ a scrummy tea 5/ Overall fantastic hospitality throughout the day   A great days cricket all round and thank you Jill and Derek for making the long drive to support us and for Harry for a fine job scoring once again.

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