Deddington 2 v Fringford 1

With a strong contingent of Deddington CC at the Edgbaston test this week, the 2nds, at home to high-fliers Fringford, did everything they could to emulate their National heroes in this (un)official test event for getting back to something like normal after the last 18 months. Picture the scene, a hot sunny day, perfect for cricket.  A hard and bleached track ready for action. No fancy blue lines for wides, or fielding rings, just good old-fashioned cricket, where Webby could bat all day and consume a copious amount of milk.  An expectant crowd of 18000 and the Windmill at 80% capacity. Skipper Joe Roberts hadn’t quite read the memo and lost the toss, but obligingly Fringford had and put Deddington in. The top order were pitch-perfect in orchestrating an immediate collapse in the face of some lively and from one-end accurate, bowling and some equally lively chirp. However the middle and lower order fashioned a mini-recovery with at first some stubborn resistance and then some good shots.  Leading the revival was Adey Bletchly, who before going in did a decent impression of Richard III with his impassioned “a helmet, a helmet, my kingdom for a helmet” speech.  In the end Deddington were all-out for 109 with Adey scoring 31, supported by some lusty blows by those yeomen of the Shires, Biswajit Neog and Alex Bull amongst others. By now it was mid-afternoon and that toxic combination of hot sun, cake, ice creams and refreshments from the numerous (1) concessions on site had had its expected effect and our very own interpretation of the Hollies stand was rocking. The coffee cup snakes were a site to behold and as the Deddington opening bowlers, Alex Bull and Luke Jones started the defence of our modest total, the singing became both incessant and raucous. Favourite amongst the renditions was an ode to our opening bowlers.  Alex took the persona of Stewart (enforcer) Broad, lovely off the field and steely-eyed assassin on it, while Luke was channeling more Jimmy Anderson with his “I’ll swing, you miss” mantra. So here it is: to the tune of the Beatles ‘Twist and Shout’.

Well shake them up, Alex now

Swing and Bounce, 

Come on, come on, Lukie now,

Come on and work them out,

Work them out

Swing and bounce,

Swing and bounce

You’ve got them shaking now

Swing and bounce 

You’ve got them really going now

Just like we knew you would

Swing and bounce


Everyone had a marvellous time and thankfully most were so delirious by the end that they did not notice that Fringford won by 8 wickets.  At least we remembered all our lines with this perfect facsimile of the England cricket Team.

Thanks once again to Caz Ward for Umpiring.

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