Pre-season preparations are picking up pace at Deddington Cricket Club.  Indoor nets on Saturday Afternoons at the Heyford Free School sports centre are proving very popular and we have already welcomed some new prospective players to our ranks.  These continue until April 1st, before training moves outside.  Our women are also getting some separate indoor practice in as well, after competing in an indoor league pre-Christmas. 

We are also starting to bring the cricket square into play, which is a lengthy and gentle process after such a cold, dry Winter.  The weather dictates a lot of what we do, when, but some fertiliser last month and a light cut and moss control has done wonders and it is starting to look less like a unkempt field. 

Outdoor training will commence in April, once the evenings become lighter and we have a few pre-season games organised post Easter, before League games start in May.

The club are also running the Junior AllStars programme on Friday Evenings in May and June.  It has proved incredibly popular, with the available spaces selling-out within 48 hours of places being released.  We added another 8 places and they too were taken within hours.  It is great that it is so popular. Finally, if there are any budding umpires out there, who like the idea of spending warm summer afternoons in the company of some fine men and women upholding the honour of Deddington village with bat and ball, then please let us know. Training is available as well as our unalloyed appreciation. 

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