DCC vs. West Ilsley, OCA Div 4, 6th May 2017

The 6th of May 2017 saw Deddington’s first team take on West Ilsley at the Windmill on a slightly cool May afternoon. Losing the toss Deddington prepared to bat, hoping to show the flair they lacked the previous week.

The start looked rocky – much like a Dianne Abbot speech on Policing wages- with Gerry being dismissed for 0 and several other Deddington players coming and going before West Ilsley got a look at their faces. To cut a long story short 5 of the top 6 were huddled around Gerry’s newspaper crossword before 2.30pm – due in part to some sporadically brilliant bowling from Lyford and nagging line and length bowling from Miss Beasley.

Deddington finally found a little form at the end of the middle order in Chris Blackburn who stuck around and got a well-earned 23, and new member of the Deddington side Will Evans, who played some lovely shots before being dismissed for 10.

The opposition looked fairly confident with the score sitting at around 77-8 however; little do they know that the “odds” never fluctuate when concerning a tail end surge at Deddington. Steady as always, Simon took to the crease and stayed put, playing a vital role in giving the team on the side line some hope, with the choice of spending some time in the middle or listen to Shadders’ 5 hour monologue on the trials and tribulations of his current life situation, Simon and those who followed him decided to leave the failed top order to Sam’s assault of their senses (thanks to whom ever asked Shadbolt how things with him are)!

With the fall of Blackie’s wicket, up hopped Dave Victor like a young springbok at the height of mating season to head out to the middle. Dangerous Dave played some lovely shots and put the batting side back in control as he achieved a comfortable score of 32 making him a “sure favourite” to bat lower down the order next week. Dave returned to the team with a smile on his face, only beaten by the smile on the faces of his teammates who thanked him for his valiant efforts.

Rob Preston who had a point to prove for being pushed down to 11 by Dave then headed out for a piece of the action. Rob knew that if he was ever going to bat ahead of Dave again he would need to bring the wow factor and with a huge six and a few more powerful shots he certainly did that – rounding off the innings in the 45th over. Batting the whole allocation would be too much to ask for Deddington, but Rammy’s side sat reasonably pretty at the interval on 141 – but with extras the joint top scorer the home side’s game still needs work but a step up at least from Game One at Sunningwell.

A mention is deserved for some good bowling from four of West Ilsley’s players with special mentions to Andy Brown and Nicole Beesley for picking up 3 wickets each.

So we move indoors where half of the team breathed a sigh of relief after escaping Sams rant and enjoyed a delicious assortment of culinary delights courtesy of Rob’s better half Katie, a big thank you to her for a great tea.


The Deddington side then geared up for what they knew would be a tough second innings if they were going to win this game – With a poultry total (from a fowl first innings – Ed?) to defend it was with a sense of trepidation that the Horse and Ox’men took to the field given the strength and reputation of W.Is batting line up. Rob and Simon would open the bowling much to the confusion of the “Fringford Fiend” Gerry Duncan as to why his services were not required. Steaming down from the newly named “Preston” North End, Rob bowled brilliant as ever putting the pressure on early doors and taking 3 important wickets. Simon bowled several overs tightly keeping the pressure on from the over end before the skipper brought himself on to put several Ilsley players in a state of uncertainty.

With wickets still proving a little hard to come by it was time for a change. Safe to say if you had a bet on Dave V bowling 6 overs for 25 and picking up 3 crucial wickets when needed you’d have enough to build a new pavilion and save the committee the bother! With Bletchly at the other end missing only the bells and stick of a Morris man dancing down the wicket, West Ilsley’s batsman must have thought it was theirs for the taking as someone with such a ridiculous run up to match his sweater had clearly never played cricket before. With the final few wickets proving tough 2 wickets from one Bletchly over turned the game the other way. Simon came on at the end and in two balls had the batsman playing one to Gorgeous George’s safe pair of hands at point to finish off the game with a win for Deddington.

A brilliant game played by both sides in a good spirit, room for improvement still for Deddington but a great second game.


MOM- Dave “Please Gamble Responsibly” Victor

Dunce of the Day- Lewis – had not learned his lesson from last week and sported the frankly ridiculous roll neck AGAIN.

Jedi Moment- Rob Preston’s 6


Match report – Great Balls of Fire, it was Gerry and Lewis…




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